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Monkey cane is basically a known sugar cane juice bar that sells sugar cane juices in Melbourne. Along with the supply of sugarcane juice, Monkey cane is also a sugar cane sticks supplier. Having years of experience in the industry, monkey cane is very passionate about the health and what goes in the body. We provide natural and nutrient rich sugarcane cold press juice in Melbourne. Sugarcane is the beverage that has been long enjoyed in many cultures worldwide and Monkey cane is now bringing this mouthwatering juice service in Melbourne. We also offer sugarcane juice delivery services in Melbourne so that you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

We are currently located at Box Hill Central and Preston Market in Melbourne and we are growing to spread the sugar cane juice throughout the Melbourne.

There are multiple flavors of this cold press and made on spot sugar cane juice as we combine it with mint, lime, ginger, fruits, coconut water and many more. As it is a natural energy drink with antioxidants and electrolytes we make sure that you get all the ingredients in its natural form. That is why our sugar cane juice has the least impact on blood sugar levels.

Monkey cane has not limited its services for the sugar cane juice lovers in Melbourne but we are also offering sugar cane sticks supply services and whole sellers that are looking to running the same business can consider our sugar cane sticks for juicing. Our variety has grown specifically and is available all year round. We currently have it available in Melbourne but we are able to transport it to any other area throughout the Australia. Best for juice extraction, these sugarcane sticks will be available throughout the year and you can have it in a reasonable price from us.

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