Looking for a new business?
Tired of working for someone else?
Thinking of starting your own sugar cane juice bar here in Australia?

Monkey Cane with partnership of Cane Direct are excited to announce that we can build you a kiosk
and provide all things required to run a sugar cane juice bar.
With our wide experience in the sugar cane industry here in Australia, we know everything that there
is to know about how to buy, make and sell sugar cane juice in shopping centres! Yes, you read right
– shopping centres.

We provide you with a brand new kiosk with your chosen name and logo and can supply the sugar
cane at very competitive prices. If training is required on how to operate a successful sugar cane juice
bar, one of our affiliates can provide you with training.
We can supply:


  • Brand new kiosk design for a sugar cane juice bar, which is based on our wide experience and our
    own kiosks currently run by Monkey Cane, whether mobile or fixed

  • Quality sugar cane juice extractors

  • Employee management system to better manage your team*

  • Cloud base POS system to allow you to track your income*

  • Best sugar cane quality and prices in the market

  • Extensive training on how to sell in shopping centres

  • Food Safety directives

  • Support in finding your best location for your business in Australia

  • Support in bargaining your rental prices within different shopping outlets

Want to know more?
Write to us to Info@MonkeyCane.Com.Au with the following details and one of our representatives will contact you shortly:
Full name:
Telephone Number:
Date when you would like to start your business:

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