How to cultivate and maintain sugar cane plantations

December 18, 2017

Here in Australia, sugar cane sticks are one of the best products to cultivate due to the vast land mass of high potential soils all over the country, with a high concentration of plantations in Queensland and New South Wales. In relation to it, the Australian sugar cane market nowadays is thriving and you can truly see its potential for better profits in the shortest possible time. With products such as fresh sugarcane juice, which is widely popular all throughout the country, it’s safe to say that sugar cane cultivation is a very viable option for a thriving business. However, like any other business, you must know the best practices for producing sugar cane in Australia. Here some essential tips:


1.  Select healthy sugar cane sticks for planting. Look for the ones with long and thick stems; they have more tendencies to produce healthy new plants.


2.  Cut sugar cane sticks into foot long pieces prior planting. Afterwards, trim down their stems and leave three to four joints per piece. Remove any flowers or leaves prior to planting as well. This is to ensure better sprout count during its development and growth.


3.   Place the sticks in a sunny planting spot. Plant sugar cane sticks horizontally on their sides, and in four inch-deep trenches. Space each cane stick out with at least one foot in between each stick.


4.  Fertilize sugar cane with nitrogen. You can use a standard grass fertilizer or opt for the organic type, which is chicken manure. These nitrogen-filled fertilizers will truly help your sugar cane grow strong and healthy.



5.  Conduct regular weeding across the plantation. Weeds could choke potential sprouts thus; you should conduct regular weeding across all the areas of your plantation.


6.  Harvest during the fall season. It’s best to harvest your produce before the first frost of the season, to ensure that you can use your sugar cane sticks for whatever purpose you decide such as making sugar syrup.



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