The Dark Side of White Sugar

April 21, 2018

The use and production of sugar in recorded history started in India. In the time of Emperor Darius of Persia, around 510 BC, when Persia invaded India, they found the grass or reed that gave honey without bees. The production of sugar was a well-protected secret as the product resulted in high revenues for emperors and kings. Now, it is found in almost all food products and produced in different ways and from different plants such as beets and corn, in addition to sugarcane.
The Stripping of Plants
The plants from where sugar originates - sugarcane and beets – are nutritionally packed in their natural form. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. They also have an abundance of natural sucrose, the source of carbohydrates used by plants as food. These are stripped from all-natural nutrients leaving sucrose in its concentrated form. In its purest form, without nutrients, this becomes nothing more than an enhancer of flavors. But its copious use in different food, including candies and drinks, creates cravings and addiction.
Sugar Cravings and How it Starts
The impact of eating sugar in its purest form, stripped from all the nutrients, has a different effect on our body than when eaten in its natural state - as sugar cane or beets. In its natural state as cane, fruit or vegetable, the body digests it like any other whole food - slowly as the digestive process extracts the different nutrients, including fiber. But as pure sucrose, it has the same impact as drugs, taking the body and the mind into a cycle of high and low points. And the intense cycle affects the blood sugar level in the body, and affects hormones such as insulin and neurotransmitters, putting the body on a rollercoaster ride. To sustain the high points, we resort to eating more of the sugar rich food. Sugar craving usually occurs when we feel down and low, stressed out and tired. To keep our energy level up and satiate our mind first then the body, we must keep feeding on sugar. Thus the craving and addiction ensues.
Stop The Craving By Eating Whole Foods with Natural Sugar

Stop the craving for sugar by eating whole food with natural sugar. Cold compressed natural sugar cane juice can stop our craving for sugar-rich, but nutritionally empty, juices and drinks. Other natural fruits and juices will satiate the craving and in time stop the addiction so stay away from fully processed sugar and stick to natural wholesome sources of carbohydrates. 


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