Donating sugarcane leftovers to farmers who are affected by drought in NSW

August 29, 2018

Australian farmers are experiencing one of the worst droughts in history. New South Wales (NSW) is the worst hit region. Rainfall deficiency is the main cause of this natural catastrophe. There have been massive crop failures with livestock being one of the major victims. Many farmers are struggling to keep their livestock alive; they are thin and weak, and they therefore cannot be sent to the market. Most farmers cannot afford to feed them as there is no grass growing in their farms and the dams have run dry. There is no water in the tank and even families have resulted to drinking bottled water. In some areas, animals are dying.




We have a role to play, to assist the families who are struggling to keep their animals alive. We have plenty of sugarcane leftovers that we are donating to the drought relief for the livestock to eat. On a weekly basis we are sending the sugarcane leftovers to NSW to assist the farmers who need it to feed their live stock.

As people who deal with sugarcane juice, when we cut the sugarcane there are leftovers which we do not need. Instead of leaving it in the farm, we have decided to assist farmers who are in need. In the spirit of giving, we understand that we can make difference through helping those who are adversely affected by the ravaging drought. Sugarcane leftovers are known for their high nutritional value; the livestock will not only get something to eat in this period of scarcity but will have something to push until such a time when the grass grows again.

We believe that no matter how small our effort is, we are making a difference in people’s lives. We are assisting them to keep livestock alive. The sugar cane sticks may not be enough to help each and every farmer who is affected by the drought but a few who will benefit will have a chance to feed their livestock, keep them alive in these trying times. People like sugarcane juice, its sweetness, the fact that it gives natural sugar and has a high nutritional value, are some of the reasons given. It even gets better when you know that part of the product which is often waste is going to assist people who are need. Some customers are even ordering more so that there ire more sugarcane leftovers to be given to farmers who are in need.

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