Sugar Cane Juice: Above and Beyond

February 9, 2019





Not only for the sweet tooth but for people from all walks of life, sugar cane has been regarded as one of the healthiest juices that one can have. It is like getting that pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow! But hey, you do not need a rainbow to find it. All you need is a pinch of guts and a teaspoonful of faith in the product and the process, and you are good to go. You also need to turn your eyes for monkey cane and you are all set!

Plantation of Sugar Cane in Melbourne, or shall we say the whole Australia is very active and prevalent. But why is it that not so much people are taking advantage of it? That is why monkey cane did not just come up with a great idea instead they are showcasing the benefits that sugar cane and offering it not only to locals in Melbourne but to tourists as well. Indeed a new business opportunity combined with health benefits.

Maybe some of you do not realized how useful sugar cane is, but it has tons of benefits, and the raw juice can be as tasty and as natural as it can be. Sugarcane that is regularly grown in countries such as Asia and Australia possesses incomparable health elements.  It is sweet and can be a natural substitute for other sweeteners like sugar. People have been using sugarcane for hundreds of years. It is considered a staple in tropical countries. However, significant amount of population know minimal information about it. This amazing plant is processed to come up with a nutritious and cool drink with an array of health benefits.

Saccharose in sugarcane stick makes it more tasteful. Further, it contains amino acids and carbohydrates like the essential amino acids which supply the body with important nutrients. It is also an efficient source of vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and citric acids.

Now, let’s start reaping the benefits one-by-one:

  • Enhance the Immune System: An efficient source of minerals and nutrients such as protein, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Sugarcane aids in reinforcing the immunity. It balances sugar levels and avoids cancer. Not only that, it minimizes convulsions and fever, cleanses kidneys and invigorates organs of the body especially the brain, skin, and the eyes. For people with high-cholesterol and triglycerides, sugar cane juice is efficiently used to minimize such harmful elements.

  • Help treats a lot of diseases. From tooth decay to sore throats and flu, sugar cane juice is the best for you, As it comprise a lot of minerals, sugar cane prevents catching colds, flu and tooth decay. Another benefit is that sugar cane juice is an effective treatment for jaundice. A couple of sugar cane juice daily can optimize ones energy and boost up immune system.

  • Sugar Cane contains anti-oxidants. Sugar Cane contains tons of phenolic substance and flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Sugar cane possesses anti-cancer properties that will shield and reinforce you throughout the day. A glass or two of refreshing sugar cane juice is what you need to revitalize your everyday energy.

  • Avert Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Raw Sugar cane sticks which produce natural juice are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. The juice itself is recognized as an alkaline drink by which cancer cannot develop or propagate in such environment. Generally, it is broadly utilized as a cancer preventive component.

  • Make Skin Appealing and moisturizes the entire body. Drink sugar cane in hot summer months to battle thirst. As a thirst-quenching aid, sugar cane juice will keep your body hydrated. In Australia and other tropical countries were summer months are prevalent, sugar cane juice is the solution to your everyday fuel. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is excellent for your skin.

  • Ward Off Kidney Stones. Sugar Cane juice is an efficient body moisturizer it is excellent in warding off and preventing kidney stones. Clinical studies proved that dehydration is the primary cause of formation of kidney stones.

  • Decrease Swelling and vomiting during pregnancy. Sugar cane juice is great in helping pregnant women to feel much better especially during summer season. It can also prevent toxicosis for pregnant women who swell in the last trimester of their pregnancy. Sugar cane contains anti-inflammatory substance that gives a better feeling with just a glass a day.

  • Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke. As it decreases extreme levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, the blood flow becomes regular and thus, preventing heart disease and unwanted strokes.

  • Facilitates good digestion. For people with digestive disorder, sugar cane contains high levels of potassium which aids one in having a good digestion. It maintains healthiness of the digestive system by preventing constipation and other stomach infections.

Moreover, we all know that Melbourne is a thickly populated place because it is considered as one of the most visited spots not only in Australia but all over the globe. And because people here come and go, different activities are rampant and engaging; thus, opening its idea for a new business opportunity. This is an excellent idea not only to battle thirst but to keep people hydrated during the day in a natural and refreshing way plus the advantages and benefits it can give.

Meanwhile, talking in the business side, with low operational cost, the return of investment in sugar cane juice business is very efficient and fast. Its investment features are only icing on the cake, the true flavor lies on the benefits that our product brings to everyone. Most people do not just pay close attention to sugar cane. For them, it is just one of those bushes growing around Melbourne and nearby cities. But the truth of the matter is that it is more than just a pot of gold for the benefits here is pouring. But we are not only here to make business. We want it to be legitimate. We want to share it to everyone.

Monkey cane does not only mean profitability but excellent business framework coupled with legality. They want to share to others their excellent idea by making it available for everyone in the event that one gets interested in selling this wonder juice. Licensing of a product is the way to get you exclusive rights for a special discounted price. And what does it mean? More discounts mean more profit. More profit means faster return of your investment.

Licensing is a contractual agreement where a company like monkey cane transfers/shares the right to manufacture or distribute a product or service (sugar cane juice in this case) in a foreign country. This is the right to utilize any element of expertise that may comprise trademarks, patents, company name, technological innovation and know-how, technology, business model and processes and business prototype. The licensee simply pays a fee or a special percentage of its sales as an agreement for exchange of rights.

Sugar cane in Melbourne is very prevalent as licensing is an excellent option in cases where there are barriers to invest and import, where legal security and components is probable in the target community. It is also efficient where potential sales are low in the target environment. The most crucial of this it the marketing power the brand brings to the licensee’s products. Creating a sold branding from scratch can take significant amount of years, money and tons of luck and prayers.

The company which licenses a brand like monkey cane gains fast access to the entire positive image and name branding that carries it. It’s “halo effect” can resonate it in to a lot of immeasurable and intangible advantages like return calls, or simply great sales.

Monkey cane gives freedom for licensees to reap the benefits of a licensing contract, thus it includes:

  • Attain instant recognition. Consider this sugar cane juice with specialty ingredients. While monkey cane possesses an excellent client base, they are relatively unknown beyond that. Why sell unbranded sugar cane products where you can be an official licensee of monkey cane? Having legitimate license means international recognition in a fast manner. The value is immeasurable but the product will simply do its wonders.


  • Immediate and quick penetration to foreign markets. Giving freedom for the company to defy tariff barriers and border fees


  • Reduce in-house capital obligations. A licensee than obtains the rights to license a brand often acquires the licensor’s preferred costing by its suppliers. This comprises sugar cane stick, creative services and shipping. Further, licensee can acquire access to monkey cane’s style guide, which supplies them with excellent advertisement they need to tailor their product endorsement.


  • Potential for huge return on investment (ROI). This can be felt in a short but significant period of time.


  • Low risk in business. This is because you engage with a strong established product like sugar cane juice and you take minimal legal and financial risks


  • Obtain Strategic know-how: Licensees obtain access to intangibles like the licensor’s subject matter expertise in fields where they are not proficient like supply chain management, marketing, customs, and the like. Monkey cane can have you covered. Service providers and manufacturers can gain from the libraries and databases of monkey cane which can comprise an array of topics like manufacturing, research and product innovative design. And as legitimate partners, monkey cane and its licensee are not limited to this real, but can specify where each other’s strengths are and use it to both their benefit.


  • Accumulate value to the business. Obtaining the rights of a known solid company in Melbourne like monkey cane can add instantaneous value to the business. This can be an essential factor in widening the business reach.

So, if you are a business enthusiast with an eye for a booming product like sugar cane juice, this new business opportunity is very much destined for you! A legitimate licensee of our company gets all the positive vibes and discounts of ingredients. It also makes you obtain respect in the domestic and international scene.

And as I end this, I would like leave you with an insightful proverb, “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” The only dividing line is your willingness to take the risk and embrace the beauty of the product that you want to share with.



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