Sugar Cane Can Do Wonders Inside Your Mouth!

February 11, 2019

How does one poses for a smile with pearly white teeth? Well, everyone agrees that heredity cannot be singled out. I’m sure that the tooth fairy will agree that attitude and lifestyle also play part in taking care of your teeth and maintaining that sweet smile.

 But wait, what if you cannot add a Do-it-yourself method because of your busy life as to have a smile makeover transform into an infectious one? What if you possess strong teeth but discolored? Should you go straight to the dentist? Of course not! Your solution is just around you. There might be another way aside from a dental visit. It is an easy as an apple a day. Well, the truth of the matter is, a sugar cane stick a day, makes your teeth a white as cotton clouds! SO, you save your trip to the dentist. All you have to do is to believe and have faith on the plant.

Now let us look at some best practices using sugar cane stick and sugar cane juice and what good can it do for your teeth:

  • Take out Bacteria: Bacteria are our enemy. And how do we fight these menaces inside our mouth? The secret behind maintaining pearly white teeth and prevent yellowing and discoloration is the need to take out bacteria that is responsible for staining. This practically occurs when you chew certain foods that secrete high salivary flow. And one agent that can possibly help you is by counter chewing a sugar cane stick. Sugar cane stick produces extreme amount of sweet liquid that helps your salivary glands to secrete hydrated saliva. In that regard, the bacteria that are responsible for your teeth’s discoloration will be washed away. When you beat bacteria, everything else will follow. And the rest will be an easy process.

  • Let it stay in your mouth for a couple of seconds. The same principle goes with sugar cane juice. This time, you get to drink the juice and not chew on it like sugar cane stick. However, there is a manner on how you will drink the juice. When you gulp it, just let it stay in your mouth for a couple of seconds before you swallow it. But at the end of the day, chewing sugar cane is more effective because there is direct contact with your teeth.

  • There is sugar cane everywhere. In countries like Australia where sugar cane is widely propagated, you will not have any problem regarding its availability. Aside from being cost-efficient, you can discount the fact of visiting your scary dentist! You get to drink fresh and natural juice and you get to make your teeth strong and white at the same time! Win-win situation; what more can you ask for? All we say is that sugar cane is not hard to find.


Now, what does clinical studies and some experiments says about it?

Clinical studies are there to reinforce and support the use of sugar cane. You will not be reading this article if not for the studies that reinforces the principle and turn the myth in to a reality. Sugar canes are prevalent in tropical countries and humid places like Australia, so there is an ample resource around.

Sugar cane in Melbourne is appropriate as the city caters thickly populated communities which are engaged in activities such as smoking and drinking. As happy people who spend quality time before the sun sets, three out of ten individuals suffer from teeth discoloration and decay. And what a way to address the quandary because the solution is within your reach – guess what? Sugar Cane!

Clinical studies have shown that the effect of sugar cane chewing on the enhancement of dental caries is on the positive side. Two groups were chosen; those who had a quick access to sugar cane like the sugar cane farmers and those who have no access. Both groups have the same socio-economic background, and have similar levels of fluoride in their tap water. Experiment dictates that they should also consume same amounts of refined sugar on a daily basis, but had a significant difference in the amount of sugar cane sticks chewed on a daily basis. The caries were compared and results have suggested that sugar cane chewing in huge amounts over a long period of time helps the teeth to grow stronger and prevents discoloration. Those with no access to sugar cane are having a problem with tooth decay. This only bolsters the unquestionable reliability of chewing sugar cane sticks for the enhancement of one’s teeth. Not yet convinced? Truly, nothing beats going natural than artificial.

At the moment, let us continue… We go back with some more best practices using sugar cane and sugar cane juices:

  • It has been widely used by the primitives back then. Among other innovations is that some people utilizes sugar cane to brush their teeth. I know what you are thinking. I am quite surprised as well, but it was surprisingly effective as well. Basically, sugar cane contains “phytates” that zap the bacteria which is responsible for causing cavities. Some other ethnic tribes in Australia use sugar cane to help preserve their teeth.

  • Sugar cane is rich in fiber. Another advantage is that sugar cane is fibrous in nature. The fiber naturally works to clean teeth and take away bacteria. Another tip is to find out if the food that you are taking can cause stain or discoloration to your teeth. Simply, what stains your white shirt will surely stain your teeth. Again, based on experiment, sugar cane juice was poured on a white shirt and it did not produce stain. This is because of its composition as the fibers have the capability to produce an almost pristine color of juice.

  • Sugar cane showcases lots of health benefits. Truly indeed, sugar canes are one of the sweetest gifts that nature can offer, one clean bite on it on a hot summer day in Melbourne can quench one’s thirst. If you are one of those people who experienced what it is like to chew sugar cane then I guess you have appreciated its energizing and refreshing effect on the body. Aside from being refreshing, it possess numerous amount of health benefits. But who would have thought that it can be a great fighter against tooth decay? Ironically, we always associate sweet sugary foods with tooth ache and decay. But this time, it is the other way around.  Sugar cane is also rich in chromium, copper, cobalt, manganese, potassium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, and more importantly, calcium. Sugar cane is low on glycemic index that is responsible for making the teeth strong. It does not possess simple sugar that may be a source of diabetes. So, it can also be enjoyed by people with diabetes without any fear.

On the other hand, studies have shown that sugar cane juice helps people against bad breath and tooth decay because of its extreme mineral content. So, I guess you can save yourself the next trip to your dentist and simply drink a thirst quenching mouthwatering glass of fresh sugar cane juice to get shiny white teeth and fresh breath. Sugar cane mimic a multivitamins that is natural and without any preservatives.

Meanwhile, we already talked about how sugar cane prevents your teeth from tooth decay and discoloration. We also tackle ways on how this wonder juice helps in staying away from bad breath. Now, we talk about ways on how sugar cane can help you in cleaning your teeth. Again, maybe some are a bit skeptical and rationalizing that sugar was not good for your teeth, so sugar cane is also not good. In primitive times, people eat sugar cane all the time. After the juice is sucked out of the stalk and it is thoroughly chewed, the remnants are taken out somewhere in to the ground.

Those fiber-ish remnants that you spit after you get the juice are being used before as toothbrush in scrubbing the food between teeth. Sugar cane contains anti oxidants which acts as reagents of calcium such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It is not only excellent on your skin but of course, on your teeth as well. It maintains the calcium content of your teeth and simply preserves the strength of it. AHA also acts as guard that protects your teeth from bacteria that causes tooth decay.

At the end of the day, regardless of strong clinical studies, you may want to resort to natural remedies instead of artificial. We can all be well by simply trying out the harmless way of maintaining the freshness of your breath and strength of your teeth. Plus, you get to enjoy the rich flavor of sugar cane juice. What we are saying is not to entertain skepticism because what you are engaging in to are pure and natural plant that are widely used even thousands of years ago.

Accordingly, you do not have to wait for summer months in Australia just to enjoy your fresh sugar cane juice. In fact, you can take one glass each day and you can be assured of great benefits that it can do to your body. We should not be reluctant in drinking juices that brings tons of benefits starting from the stick up to the juice. Contrary to public belief, sugar cane does not stimulate bacteria. Instead, it prevents bacteria from sticking through your teeth and gums. It fights bacteria because of AHA. Overall assessment, the entire mouth is cleaned and rejuvenated. What more are your internal organs?

So ever wonder what miracle sugar cane can perform inside your mouth? It cleans, whitens, strengthens, prevent tooth decay. Well, it is just the beginning of the process, wait until you swallow it in your body. Subsequently, that would be a different engaging topic. And make sure not to miss those topics about sugar cane. Get to know the plant deeper and make your day more meaningful by doing what this article says! And by that, let me leave you with a quote from Charmaine Forde, a great singer, “Sugar Cane island, sweetest place on earth!”

What more can you ask for?


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